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Smith+Nephew is a global medical technology business that exists to restore people’s bodies and their self-belief by using technology to take the limits off living. We call this purpose ‘Life Unlimited’. Our 16,000+ employees deliver this mission every day, making a difference to patients’ lives through the excellence of our product portfolio, and the invention and application of new technologies across our three global franchises of Orthopaedics, Advanced Wound Management and Sports Medicine & ENT. Founded in Hull, UK, in 1856, we now operate in more than 100 countries.

Advanced Wound Management

Our Advanced Wound Management portfolio provides a comprehensive set of products to meet broad and complex clinical needs, to help healthcare professionals get CLOSER TO ZERO human and economic consequences of wounds.

The Wound Management portfolio features:

  • Products that speed up the healing process in hard-to-heal wounds,
  • Dressings and products for acute and chronic wounds, including pressure injuries, skin tears, DFU, VLU, surgical dehisced wounds and burns.

Solutions for burns

Our comprehensive, synergistic portfolio has been designed to address unique wound needs: removing non-viable tissue, managing bioburden and exudate to managing non-advancing or abnormal wound edges.

Key brands include:

  • ACTICOAT • Antimicrobial Barrier Dressings
  • ALLEVYN • Ag Antimicrobial Foam Dressings
  • BIOBRANE • Temporary Biosynthetic Skin Dressing
  • PICO • Single-Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System
  • RENASYS • Touch Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System
  • VERSAJET • II Hydrosurgery System
  • EXUDRY • One piece, multi-layer, highly absorbent, non-adherent wound
  • CICA-CARESilicone Gel Sheet

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Helping you get CLOSER TO ZERO™ delay in wound healing.

Life Unlimited


We are a global medical device company that delivers improved patient outcomes through our unique NovoSorb biodegradable polymer technology.

Our product, NovoSorb BTM is a bioabsorbable synthetic matrix that provides a scaffold for robust vascularised dermal reconstruction.

NovoSorb BTM is indicated for full or deep partial thickness burns and wounds, surgical and reconstructive wounds and traumatic wounds.


Mölnlycke is a world-leading medical products and solutions company that equips healthcare professionals to achieve the best patient, clinical and economic outcomes. We design and supply products and solutions for use in wound treatment, pressure injury, infection prevention and surgery. Our products and solutions provide value for money supported by clinical and health economic evidence.


Jobskin has a long and rich history in the field of compression garments having been originally developed by an early pioneer of compression in the USA, Conrad Jobst whose original interest in the management of vascular conditions led to the development of compression garments. JOBSKIN garments were developed in the 1960s in conjunction with the Shriners Burn Institute, Jobskin was purchased by Smith & Nephew in 1991 and recently acquired by a local Australian company in 2019. Throughout this, technology has enabled significant developments in the science of compression – in fabric construction and in the design and fabrication of the compression garments themselves.

The Jobskin team is comprised of clinical advisors, experienced designers and specialised machinists to ensure design and fabrication excellence and therapeutic effectiveness. Our clinical advisors and designers are very willing to work with you to provide the best custom garment, with the right compression, ensuring that we’re all working together towards better solutions.

SDR Scientific accurately assessing the severity of burns has always been difficult, even for the most experienced clinicians.

SDR Scientific offers a solution by providing a choice of Laser Doppler Imagers from Moor Instruments (UK) to assist with your treatment decisions.

Moor Imagers accurately assess and map skin blood flow – proven to relate closely to the healing potential of burn injuries and thereby improve patient outcomes.

SDR Scientific is proud to be your exclusive ANZ Partner for Moor Imagers. SDR Scientific is authorised by Moor Instruments to provide service, installation and training on Laser Doppler Imaging.

Please visit the LASER DOPPLER IMAGING exhibition display for more information or by clicking HERE


TSL is an Australian family run business based in Melbourne, which takes pride in working with you to provide the best care for your patients. We continue to adapt as new and intelligent textiles and technologies are introduced. We have developed an in-house advanced CAD garment design system for ensuring accuracy and consistency of all patterns. Every batch of TSL compression fabric is tested by an independent textile laboratory to ensure graduated compression.

For over 30 years Second Skin has been a leader in the design, manufacture and service delivery of custom-made medical compression garments and dynamic splints.

Our commitment is to deliver the very best products and services we can, to make a positive difference to the lives of our clients and their families.

EBOS Healthcare is Australasia’s most experienced and progressive provider of health and medical supplies across Hospital, Aged Care and Primary Care channels. In the Hospital space, a dedicated clinical product specialist team ensures high calibre sales support and follow up and ensures that we continue to grow as the mark company et leader in the Hospital sector.

EBOS Healthcare is exclusively working with Flen Health, a Belgium based company that has its headquarters in Belgium and Luxembourg. They are known for their innovative wound, burns and skin healing solutions. They currently distribute to 25 countries worldwide. Visit us at our stand to find out more about Flaminal Hydro, Flaminal Forte and Flamigel products.

Medilixir® is non-sterile emollient for the relief of pruritus (itch) associated with the healing of burns. Efficacy is via the suppression of voltage dependent receptor stimulation, reduction of trans-epidermal moisture loss and supply of essential structural lipids.

Balance Medical has been delivering innovative medical devices and pharmaceuticals to the Burns specialty in Australia and New Zealand for the past 9 years. Aligning with our focus to merge health & innovation keeps us at the forefront, with products such as BloodStop iX, Jetox and new and exciting novel debridement technologies.

Swiss company Stratpharma has developed breakthrough treatments for faster wound healing, abnormal scar prevention and treatments that are now available in over 70 countries. These medical devices are clinically proven to be effective and easy to use alone or in combination with more invasive therapies.

Leading the way in the medical technology field, Device Technologies provides the highest calibre of medical supplies across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.   By connecting healthcare professionals with the finest medical technologies and supplies, Device Technologies is helping them to enhance their patient outcomes from consult to recovery. We nurture the relationships with our healthcare professionals, guiding the process from concept to delivery and ongoing with training and technical service specialty teams.

Australian Medical Supplies are the Australian/NZ Distributor for BAP Medical, a world leader in the production of medical products for non-invasive scar treatment and medical skin care.  Our products include Alhydran, BapScarCare & Scarban and are user-friendly, have been scientifically and clinically proven, and have SPF options in both silicone gel and sheeting.  New to the range is a product called Wound. Wound is a primary wound dressing for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. The product is a unique combination of two synergistically acting oils, available in a 10 ml spray bottle.

Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, innovative, healthcare products. L&R’s comprehensive range encompasses Wound Care, NPWT, Compression, Fracture Management and Drapes & Clinical Apparel offers. We offer our customers products that are innovative, performance focused and effective, meeting all relevant standards.

Phone: 1300 572 869

Samson Medical Technologies is one of Australia’s fastest growing distributors of biological and medical devices, at the forefront of device innovation, global trends and in-demand treatments. 100% Australian owned, Samson takes pride in offering one of the industry’s finest clinical support programs and represents technologies and brands that make clinical sense to practitioners and improve patient outcomes.

Since 1959, PREVOR group, a toxicology and chemical risk control laboratory, maximizes people’s safety against burns and chemical risks through its three divisions (First aid, Environment and Health). Our cutting-edge and reliable solutions optimize people’s security and environment.
Our Health division offers an innovative skin interface for superficial cutaneous wounds.

3M focuses on providing better care through patient-centred science. We help transform outcomes by restoring patients’ lives through innovation. From our leading negative pressure and surgical incision management technologies to our comprehensive line of skin and advanced wound care solutions, we focus on partnering with you provide the best care for your patients, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

Coloplast develops products and services that make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. Working closely with people who use our products, we create solutions that are sensitive to their needs.

Our business includes Ostomy Care, Continence Care, Wound and Skin Care and Interventional Urology. We operate globally.