2022 ANZBA Annual Scientific Meeting Program

Luna Park Sydney, New South Wales | 13-16 September 2022
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Tuesday 13 September

0740 – 0825 Scientific Forum Registration
Sunset Room Foyer
0825 – 1200 Scientific Forum
Room: Ted Hopkins
A/Prof. Leila Cuttle & Prof. Andrew Holland
0825 – 0830 Welcome
0830 – 0840 Trends in mechanism of Queensland burn injuries 2018-2021
Jack Mackenzie
0840 – 0850 Investigating the link between childhood burn injury, immune dysfunction and secondary disease
Lucy Barrett
0850 – 0900 Measurement of hair cortisol in burn patients, their parents and controls
Eva Kierath
0900 – 0910 An updated view on the “Hand Surface Method” for estimating burn size
Gareth Crouch
0910 – 0920 Better understanding the impact of wound cleansing solutions on skin cells and wound epithelization
Zhe Li
0920 – 0930 PXS-6302 for the amelioration of scarring
Nutan Chaudhari
0930 – 0940 Gene expression associated with scarring outcome post-burn
Man Ching Siu
0940 – 0950 Comparative study of Striped Catfish (Pangasius Hypopthalmus) skin to Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) skin and porcine skin as a potential  xenograft material for burn wound
Amila Tikyayala Purnomo
0950 – 1000 Controlled dual release of dihydrotestosterone and flutamide from polycaprolactone (PCL) electrospun scaffolds accelerate burn wound healing
Huaikai Shi
1000 – 1020 Morning Tea
(served in the room)
1020 – 1030 Introducing a biosafe thermo-responsive hydrogel in burn injury and reconstructive surgery
Joanneke Maitz
1030 – 1040 Bioabsorbable staples for skin grafts
Yan Fang
1040 – 1050 Dose-adjusted enoxaparin for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in burns injured patients
Edward Stanley
1050 – 1100 VTE prophylaxis: A new guideline
Dane Holden
1100 – 1110 Understanding neural factors in burn-related pruritus and neuropathic pain
Dulan Gunawardena
1110 – 1120 Hypothermia in severe burns
Morgan Haines
1120 – 1130 Mapping models of acute paediatric burn care in Australia
Bronwyn Griffin
1130 – 1140 Management of intraoperative ambient temperature involving patients with 20% TBSA burns in a state adult burns centre
Dangyi Peng
1140 – 1200 Discussion & Scientific Forum close
1200 – 1310 Lunch
Sunset Room
1200 – 1330 Allied Health and Nursing Forum Registration
1210 – 1310 Research Committee Meeting
Room: Ted Hopkins
1210 – 1310 Nursing Executive Meeting
Room: Palais
1330 – 1700 Allied Health Forum
Room: Sunset
1330 – 1655 Nursing Forum
Room: Ted Hopkins
  Chairs: Anne Darton and Andrea McKittrick    Chair: Louise Higgins
1330 – 1400 Allied Health Business Meeting
Andrea McKittrick
1330 – 1350 Welcome and acknowledgement of country
1400 – 1430 Trauma informed care
Julia Kwiet
 1350 – 1420 My Journey: Clinical care to clinical research
Gretchen Carrougher
1430 – 1450 Guided exploration of our sensory system
Klara Glaw
1420 – 1435 Q & A
1450 – 1505 Afternoon Tea
(served in the room)
1435 – 1450 Afternoon Tea
(served in the room)
1505 – 1535 Trauma informed sensory modulation
Klara Glaw
1450 – 1540 Members Stories
1535 – 1605 Sensory modulation in practice
Sarah Scott, Teneile Gray and Claire Toose
1540 – 1610 ANZBA Nursing survey: Findings and discussion
1605 – 1620 Role Play
Akane Katsu, Tanya Iddamalgoda, Julie Bricknell, Rachel Edmondson, Klara Glaw and Laura Ianni
1610 – 1655 
Self care / stress management
Emma Woodhouse (ACN) 
1620 – 1635 Case Study
Claire Toose
 1655 – 1700  Nursing Forum Close
1635 – 1645 Patient Experience
1645 – 1700 Four Corners
Julia Kwiet and Klara Glaw
1630 – 1900 ASM Registration
Crystal Ballroom Foyer
1700 – 1900 Welcome Reception
Crystal Ballroom Foyer

Wednesday 14 September

0730 – 1730 ANZBA ASM Registration
Crystal Ballroom Foyer
0830 – 0940 ASM Session 1 Opening
Room: Ted Hopkins
Diane Elfleet & Dr Justine O’Hara
0830 – 0840 Welcome to ANZBA 2022 
Co-Convenors: Diane Elfleet and Justine O’Hara
0840 – 0845 Welcome to Country
Michael West
0845 – 0855 Official Opening
Commissioner Paul Baxter, Fire and Rescue NSW
0855 – 0900 Platinum Sponsor Presentation
Grant Monaghan, Smith & Nephew                   
0900 – 0940 Murray Clarke Oration
Harnessing art and science in burns care

Dr John Harvey, Paediatric Burn Surgeon, Past ANZBA President
0940 – 1010 Morning Tea & Exhibition
Room: Crystal Ballroom
1010 – 1200 ASM Session 2 | EXTRA-ORDINARY OPERATIVE OUTCOMES (Surgical)
Room: Ted Hopkins
Prof. Peter Maitz & Dr Jeremy Rawlins
1010 – 1040 Plenary Address
Telemedicine: Outreach and In-reach in the PMB Burn Service
Dr Nikki Allorto
Sponsored by Smith+Nephew
1040 – 1050 Optimizing highly specialised burn care, education & research in the Netherlands  
Inge Spronk
1050 – 1100 In-hospital outcomes of paediatric burn injuries managed in children’s hospitals compared to general hospitals
Cheng Hean Lo
1100 – 1110 “A Wanderer’s Tale”: The development of a virtual reality application for pain and quality of life in Australian burns and oncology patients
Mathilde Desselle
1110 – 1120 An assessment of pressure delivery beneath negative pressure wound therapy utilising a cadaveric porcine model
Emma Lumsden
1120 – 1130 Effect of central line duration and other risk factors on central line-associated bloodstream infection in severe adult burns patients at a large tertiary referral burns centre: A 5-year retrospective study
Alexandra Miller
1130 – 1140 Skin glucocorticoid metabolism in burn injury: Novel approaches to reduce scarring
Kevin Hung-Yueh Tsai
1140 – 1150 Discussion
1150 – 1200
Impact Presentations
The impact of COVID-19 on adult burns in New South Wales, Australia: A statewide review of epidemiology and clinical outcomes
Jason Diab
A 3d bioprinting platform enhances In vivo wound healing in a porcine model
Leah Mackie
Stretching silver: An in vitro investigation of antimicrobial silver dressings used over multiple weeks
Andrew May
Cleaning of burns – what is the solution?
Malcolm Franke
1200 – 1300 Lunch and Exhibition
Room: Crystal Ballroom
1200 – 1300 BRANZ Meeting
Room: Ted Hopkins
1300 – 1420 ASM Session 3 | EXTRA-ORDINARY OPERATIVE OUTCOMES (Surgical)
Room: Ted Hopkins
Prof. Andrew Holland & Prof. Peter Maitz 
1300 – 1310 Energy requirements following Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix (BTM) application after severe burn injuries
Sara Dowling
1310 – 1320 Fast and furious rapid vascularized dermal matrix MatriDerm offers multiple new surgical options in burns
Markus Öehlbauer
Impact presentation
Paediatric experience with Novosorb® BTM (Biodegradable Temporising Matrix) in the management of acute burns
Monique Bertinetti
1325 – 1420 Dermal Substitute Panel

Panel Members:
Prof . Peter Maitz

Prof. Roy Kimble
Dr Helen Douglas
Dr Markus Öehlbauer
Monique Bertinetti
Paul Baker

Sponsored by PolyNovo

1420 – 1450 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition
Room: Crystal Ballroom
Room: Ted Hopkins
Akane Katsu & Dr Zephanie Tyack 
1450 – 1510 “Sleeper”… A reflection upon modern burn care before and after a seven year career detour
James Jeng
1510 – 1520 Surveying burn care specialists’ views toward end-of-life decision-making
Lincoln Tracy
1520 – 1530 Exploring clinicians’ decision-making processes about end of life care after burns: A qualitative interview study
Lincoln Tracy
1530 – 1540 Predictors of the long-term quality of life of paediatric patients after non-severe burn injuries
Amira Allahham
1540 – 1545 Discussion
1545 – 1600
Impact Presentations
Burn prevention story books for the young child
Lisa Martin
Burn therapist certification – an opportunity worth investigating!
Claire Toose
Motivating patients towards better postburn recovery
Lisa Martin
Sensory care for individuals with burn injury: A pilot project in the acute burn unit
Akane Katsu
Evaluating the “standard” outpatient journey for patients with burn injuries accessing the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Burns Physiotherapy Outpatient Service: A retrospective audit
Marnie Macfie
The importance of teamwork: A multidisciplinary team approach to the management of axilla burns
Liz Capell
Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST): A novel method to facilitate pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with Inhalation burn injury
Vincent Constanzo
1600 – 1615 ANZBA Research Committee update – ANZBA Early Career Researcher Seed Grant Award
Lincoln Tracy & Leila Cuttle
1615 – 1630 BRANZ Update
Lincoln Tracy
1630 – 1730 ANZBA Annual General Meeting
1900 – 2200 PolyNovo Dinner Event
Dinner Cruise on the Blue Room
Departing from Eastern Pontoon, Circular Quay
  “Into the BTM-verse: The Superheroes’ Tool in Burns Care”

If you book to attend the dinner you will need to visit PolyNovo at booths #18 & #19 collect your “boarding ticket”!

Thursday 15 September

0800 – 1630 ANZBA ASM Registration
Crystal Ballroom Foyer
0715 – 0815 Smith & Nephew Sponsored Breakfast Session

Transforming challenges to Victories – During and Post COVID
Dr Nikki Allorto
A presentation followed by a panel discussion with local Faculty
Room: Sunset 

0830 – 1010 ASM Session 5 | AVENGING DISASTERS (Disaster)
Room: Ted Hopkins
Miranda Pye & A/Prof. Dale Edgar
0830 – 0900 Plenary Address
Mass casualties involving burns injury: Can we learn the lessons and save more lives?
Professor Ian Norton
0900 – 0910 A therapy response to a multi-casualty burn disaster. Victories and challenges
Julie Bricknell
0910 – 1010 Panel discussion – Too many burn patients… What are we going to do?

Facilitator: Justine O’Hara

Panel Members:
Dr Richard Wong She
Dr Jeremy Rawlins
Dr Ian Norton
Siobhan Connolly
Susan Taggart
Dr Mark Kol
Suzanne Le
Julie Bricknell
Dr Jeon Cha
Tracey Perrett

1010 – 1040 Morning Tea & Exhibition
Room: Crystal Ballroom
1040 – 1230 ASM Session 6 | LASERS, LEAPS AND BOUNDS (Scar Management)
Room: Ted Hopkins
Torey Lawrence & Prof. Fiona Wood
1040 – 1110 Plenary Address
Outcomes that matter: Starting with the patient and the end in mind
Dr Zephanie Tyack
1110 – 1120 An international survey on perspectives and practices in laser
Maria Shilova
1120 – 1130 Use of cutaneous functional units by burn therapists to predict scarring. How well do we know our nemesis?
Rhianydd Thomas
1130 – 1140 Early and Intensive use of a novel splint to conquer the challenge of paediatric palmar burns
Rhianydd Thomas
1140 – 1150  What are the scar outcomes for children who have had a burn injury, are not grafted and heal >14 days?
Stephanie Wicks
1150 – 1200 Development and evaluation of a clinical framework for the delivery of occupational therapy burn care via telehealth
Amber Jones
1200 – 1210 Ultrasound measurement of scar thickness – a scoping review
Brandon Meikle
1210 – 1220 Discussion
1220 – 1230
Impact Presentations

Implementing 3D technology using a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of facial burns
Akane Katsu
3D printed transparent facial orthosis – a patient’s experience
Andrea McKittrick
Microneedling as an adjunct in burns scar management: A systematic review
Tim Wang
We all know burn scars suck! Acceptability & clinical utility of vacuum massage therapy in children with burn scars
Kate Miller
1230 – 1330 Lunch and Exhibition
Room: Crystal Ballroom
1230 – 1330 Prevention Meeting
Room: Sunset
Room: Ted Hopkins
Dr Nicola Clayton & Tracey Perrett
1330 – 1400 Plenary Address
Employment after injury: Challenges, barriers and success
Gretchen Carrougher
1400 – 1410 Evaluation of carer satisfaction with preparation for burns surgery in a paediatric inpatient setting
Deborah Maze
1410 – 1420 Online learning tool for rural and remote therapists in the management of paediatric patients with burn injuries
Crystle Gambetta
1420 – 1430 Virtual reality- fun and games in challenging paediatric burn pain
Bronwyn Griffin
1430 – 1440 Examining the feasibility of implementing a web-based trauma-informed care education package in paediatric burns: What matters?
Megan Simons
1440 – 1450 Burns dressings; a review of ANZBA centres
Malcolm Franke
1450 – 1500 Traumatic heterotopic ossification: Epidemiology, characteristics and risk factors
Nichola Foster
1500 – 1530 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition
Room: Crystal Ballroom
1530 – 1630
Room: Ted Hopkins
Diane Elfleet & Dr Andrew Castley 
1530 – 1540 Vitamin D insufficiencies in paediatric burn patients
Donna Langley
1540 – 1550 Early acute kidney injury in adult patients with burns in Australia & New Zealand: Findings from the BRANZ
Samuel Sharp
1550 – 1600 Investigating the molecular and cellular pathophysiology of Heterotopic Ossification after burn injury
Nichola Foster
1600- 1610 NexoBrid enzymatic burn debridement: Lessons learned after the first decade of clinical experience
Yaron Shoham
1610 – 1620 NexoBrid enzymatic burn debridement in children: Results of the CIDS multicenter RCT
Yaron Shoham
1620 – 1630
Impact Presentations
A pilot study assessing the feasibility of NexoBrid versus the current standard of care of isolated upper limb burns: A solution to “the perfect crime”?
Elena Blyth
Burns resuscitation in the obese patient – challenges in TBSA estimation and determination of body weight to use in fluid resuscitation calculation
Tim Wang
The epidemiology of paediatric burns in North Queensland: A five-year retrospective review
Kyle Crowley
Free evening to enjoy beautiful Sydney or one of the following activities recommended by the committeeTHURSDAY ACTIVITIES
1700 – 1830 Coolamon Study Meeting (by invitation)
Room: Ted Hopkins

Friday 16 September

0800 – 1600 ANZBA ASM Registration
Crystal Ballroom Foyer
0715 – 0815 Device Technologies Sponsored Breakfast Session

Dermal matrix MatriDerm for defect coverage in exposed bradytrophic tissue
Dr Markus Öhlbauer
Room: Sunset

  “Dermal matrix Matriderm for defect coverage in exposed bradytrophic tissue”
Room: Ted Hopkins
Claire Toose & Gretchen Carrougher 
0830 – 0900 Plenary Address
What does the patient think? Developing and using patient reported outcome measures to understand their concerns
Dr Anne Klassen
0900 – 0910 Home-based telerehabilitation is comparable to in-person physiotherapy exercise programs for patients with burn injuries: A randomized, controlled, non-inferiority clinical pilot trial
Anita Plaza
0910 – 0920 Outcomes post axilla burns from the consumer and clinician perspectives
Andrea McKittrick
0920 – 0930 Increased cardiovascular mortality in young males post burn injury
Jennifer Paratz
0930 – 0940 Randomized controlled trial of 2nd degree burns treatment: Silver sulfadiazine versus Natural Silk
Eric Dantzer
0940 – 0950 ‘Love them up’: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parenting during paediatric burns care
Hayley Williams
0950 – 1000 A world of strength: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families’ resilience in the face of paediatric burn injuries and care
Hayley Williams
1000 – 1010 Parent perception of intensive splinting to prevent palmar contracture. Does the end justify the means?
Rhianydd Thomas
1010 – 1020 NSW Teleburns – enhancing burns telehealth at concord burns unit
Miranda Pye
1020 – 1025 Discussion
1025 – 1035
Impact Presentations
Hydrofera Blue: A promising new dressing solution for cavities and tunnels
Miranda Pye
Identifying evidence based treatment strategies to improve burn care by the development of a value-based healthcare framework
Dale Edgar
Patient experience of handheld calorimetry
Caroline Nicholls
1035 – 1105 Morning Tea and Exhibition
Room: Crystal Ballroom
1105 – 1230 ASM Session 10 | HEROING PREVENTION ADVANCES (Prevention)
Room: Ted Hopkins
Rebecca Schrale & Dr Nikki Allorto 
1105 – 1125 The COVID pandemic – experience and lessons from a UK burn service
Dr Andrew Williams
1125 – 1145 The something that gets in the way: Considering the way complex attachment and trauma affects psychiatric and psychological outcomes in severe burns Injury
Dr Loyola McLean
1145 – 1205 Not all heroes wear capes
Dale Forbes
1205 – 1215 Too hot to handle? Deep glue burns in children – mechanism, classification and prevention
Madeleine Jacques
1215 – 1225 Treadmill burns: a step in the right direction…. until COVID!
Siobhan Connolly
1225 – 1230
Impact Presentations
Sparkler burns – a case series and tips on prevention
Dinushka De Silva
Trauma informed care: How can we improve care to significant others of patients with severe burn injury?
Elizabeth Flannery
1230 – 1330 Lunch and Exhibition
Room: Crystal Ballroom
1330 – 1600 ASM Session 11 | LESSONS LEARNT
Room: Ted Hopkins
Chairs: Siobhan Connolly & Dr Jeremy Rawlins
1330 – 1350 Plenary Address
The circle of life: Lessons in a developing burn service
Nikki Allorto
Sponsored by Smith+Nephew
1350 – 1410 Plenary Address
Burn nursing: Our path forward
Gretchen Carrougher
1410 – 1430 Plenary Address
Three lessons learned from scar research: Potential to transform practice but are we ready for the challenge?
Dr Zephanie Tyack
1430 – 1530 ‘State’ CHALLENGE – Best new technique or best tip team event

Facilitator: Justine O’Hara

1530 – 1600 Closing and Handover to ANZBA 2023 
1900 – 2330 Dinner – Luna Park
“Everyone is a Superhero”