Poster Title Poster Author
1 New approaches to the fabrication of Transparent Face Orthoses (TFOs) for facial burns scar management using 3D photography and printing Nicole Alexander
2 Evaluating telehealth services for burn rehabilitation during the COVID-19 Pandemic Jessica Allchin
3 Parenteral nutrition as bridging nutrition therapy in a subset of burns patients during acute burns management Sandeep B
4 A rare case of painful peripheral nerve neuroma post skin grafting in burns patient treated with Excision and coverage with BTM Sandeep B
5  Paediatric experience with Novosorb® BTM (Biodegradable Temporising Matrix) in the management of acute burns Monique Bertinetti
6 A pilot study assessing the feasibility of NexoBrid versus the current standard of care of isolated upper limb burns: A solution to “the perfect crime”? Elena Blyth
7 Improving hand strength and function for patients with hand burns in COVID times Julie Bricknell
8 Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST): A novel method to facilitate pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with inhalation burn injury Vincent Costanzo
9 Airway management in burns patients prior to transfer to a burns unit Matthew Davies
10 Evolving the Allied Health Assistant (AHA) role within paediatric burns at Queensland Children’s Hospital. Tanya Fell
11 Cleaning of burns – what is the solution? Malcolm Franke
12 MDTs without borders – a history of acid attacks and the necessity to expand the MDT. Richa Harnal
13 Beware the high-pressure industrial washer Minhao Hu
14 Implementing 3D technology using a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of facial burns Akane Katsu
15 Sensory care for individuals with burn injury: A pilot project in the acute burn unit Akane Katsu
16  Electrical burns and anaesthesia David Khaicy
17 Patient reported outcomes of carbon dioxide and intense pulsed light lasers for adult hypertrophic burn scars Geoffrey Lee
18 Evaluating the “standard” outpatient journey for patients with burn injuries accessing the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Burns Physiotherapy Outpatient Service: a retrospective audit Marnie Macfie
19 3d printed transparent facial orthosis – a patient’s experience Andrea Mc Kittrick
20 We all know burn scars suck! Acceptability & clinical utility of vacuum massage therapy in children with burn scars Kate Miller
21 Patient experience of handheld calorimetry Caroline Nicholls
22 CO2 fractional laser for burn scars in children: our experience in North Queensland Aki Onishi
23 Burns and COVID 19 – the Victorian adult burns service experience. Melinda Pacquola
24 One size does not fit all: How a multidisciplinary team responded to a patient with complex mental health and substance use disorders after sustaining 25% TBSA burns. Eliza Palfery
25 Hydrofera Blue: A promising new dressing solution for cavities and tunnels Miranda Pye
26 Venous thromboembolism in severe burns patients with intravascular warming catheters: A case series Isabella Reid
27 The changing patterns in paediatric burns Daniel Ricciardello
28 Burns resuscitation in the obese patient – challenges in TBSA estimation and determination of body weight to use in fluid resuscitation calculation Tim Wang
29 Microneedling as an adjunct in burns scar management: A systematic review Tim Wang
30 Parent and health professional engagement in a virtual model for scar management in response to COVID-19 Stephanie Wicks
Poster Title Poster Author
52 The disproportionate number of paediatric burns affecting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island children in North Queensland: Are we actually closing the gap? Kyle Crowley
53 The epidemiology of paediatric burns in North Queensland: A five-year retrospective review Kyle Crowley
54 The impact of COVID-19 on adult burns in New South Wales, Australia: A statewide review of epidemiology and clinical outcomes Jason Diab
55 Identifying evidence based treatment strategies to improve burn care by the development of a value-based healthcare framework Dale Edgar
56 Burns injuries and climate change in NSW Malcolm Franke
57 Evidence for vitamin and micronutrient supplementation in severe burns Sonia Hartog
58 Skin Bioengineering in Pigs Jacob Jones
59 A 3D bioprinting platform enhances In vivo wound healing in a porcine model Leah Mackie
60 Motivating patients towards better postburn recovery Lisa Martin
61 Stretching Silver: An in vitro investigation of antimicrobial silver dressings used over multiple weeks Andrew May
62 Obesity paradox in burns patients Michaela Pollock
63 Laser-assisted drug delivery for the management of hypertrophic scars: A scoping review Maria Shilova
64 The genetic influence on vascularity after burn injury in individuals of European ancestry Andrew Stevenson
65 Evaluation of the efficacy of oxandrolone in adult burn patients in an Australian burns centre Kim Tang
66 The effectiveness and safety of inhaled methoxyflurane for procedural analgesia in patients undergoing burn dressing changes: A Systematic Review. Dominique White & Chidambaram Seevakan
67 Local burn wound environment verses systemic response: Comparison of proteins and metabolites Tuo Zang