ASM ePosters

Posters will be displayed for the duration of the meeting in the Promenade Foyer of the Crown Convention Centre. To reduce the impact on the environment and cost to presenters, electronic posters will be displayed. Posters will be a single PowerPoint slide and can include video and audio with a 1 minute rotation. We can also include a PDF version of each poster in the ASM App. Powerpoint ePosters and PDF versions are due by 18th September.


01 A case study, treatment of hypergranulation in a paediatric burns patient
Sharon Trevorrow*, Kate Schurmann, Naomi Freeman
02 A novel model for scald burn research
Christine Andrews *, Margit Kempf, Dr Kellie Stockton, Prof. Roy Kimble, Dr Leila Cuttle
03 A retrospective analysis of blood product use within the Victorian Adult Burn Service
Storm Holwill *, Eugene Lai, Cheng Lo
04 A review of motorcycle vehicle exhaust burns admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Western Australia, for 2011 and 2012
Lisa Martin*, Dr Dominic Sinagra, W/Prof. Fiona Wood
05 A technique to monitor interventions for swelling in minor burns: A pilot study.
Pippa Kenworthy *, Dr Tiffany Grisbrook, Paul Gittings, W/Prof Fiona Wood, Dr Will Gibson, Dr Dale Edgar
06 Aetiology, management and outcomes of ocular injury in patients with facial burns
Dr Lachlan Farmer , Dr Nicholas Smith*, Dr Saul Rajak, A/Prof John Greenwood
07 Airway management in burns patients prior to transfer to a burns unit
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, Prof. Peter Maitz
08 Alkalis – Biochemistry and Best Practice
Dr Michael Rooke *, Prof. John Greenwood
09 Appropriate use of burns referral chart in burns transfers in NSW
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, Prof. Peter Maitz
10 Artificial dermal templates: A comparative study of NovoSorbTM Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM) and Integra®
Perdita Cheshire, Shiva Akbarzadeh*, Marisa R Herson, Heather Cleland
11 Bathroom scald burns in Queensland Children
Dr Hobia Gole *, Dr Kellie Stockton, Prof. Roy Kimble
12 Bowel care for the paediatric patient with buttock/perineal burns
Kathy Bicknell*, Kate Glassford, Nicole Cloke
13 Burn prevention – a partnership model between New Zealand and Tahiti
Deborah Murray*, Jackie Beaumont
14 Burns prevention through game play
Bethany Farley
15 Carbon dioxide laser treatment for hypertrophic burns scarring: Pilot RCT results from the Western Australia Burns Service
Assoc/Prof Suzanne Rea*, Karl-Anton Harms, Dr Alexandra Murray, Dr Mark Fear, W/Prof. Fiona Wood
16 Case of a chemical burn from Chlorhexidine skin prep
Dr Nicholas Linklater *, Dr Sadhishaan Sreedharan, Andrew Castley, CNC Rebecca Schrale
17 Case of a contact burn from plaster splint
Dr Nicholas Linklater *, Dr Sadhishaan Sreedharan, Andrew Castley
18 Collaborative management of ocular burns
Dr Rhys van der Rijt *, Dr Khoi Tran, Dr Rowan Gillies, Dr John Vandervord
19 Concord hospital burns unit experience with the use of Biobrane
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, Prof Peter Maitz
20 Current social work research: Identifying the psychosocial issues of burns patients presenting to an acute level 1 trauma centre (the psychosocial determinants of health care outcomes)
Rose Knol *, Emma Kelly, Anna Wellington-Boyd, A/Prof. Lou Harms, Heather Cleland, Bridget Wall
21 Delayed double layer Integra successful in bridging healing between split skin graft and calvarium
Dr Cheryl Ou Yong*, Dr Aruna Wijewardena, Andrea McKittrick, Dr Jeon Cha, Dr John Vandervord
22 Diagnostics – telehealth & burn care – in search of a solution
Anne Darton *, Siobhan Connolly, Julia Martinovich
23 Evolution of the turtle shell plaster- an innovation to improve outcomes in paediatric patients
Stephanie Wicks *, Claire Toose, Madeleine Jacques, A/Prof John Harvey, Cheri Templeton
24 Fluid resuscitation prior in early management of burns patients
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, Prof. Peter Maitz
25 “Getting something for nothing?” An innovative, intern-led psychology service
Dr Lynne Heyes *, Gynette Kershaw, Riley O’Donohue, Dr Sara Winter
26 GLOW Study: Longitudinal methodology to assess contributors to outcomes after burns
Sonia Terhaag*, Dr Heather Cleland, Dr Birgit Pfitzer, Lynda Katona, Dr Steven Ellen, Dr Andrea Phelps, Dr Meaghan O’Dinnell
27 HARC (Hospital Alliance for Research Collaboration) – scholarship opportunity to improve burn care in NSW
Anne Darton
28 Healing time and incidence of hypertrophic scarring in paediatric scalds
Paul Baker*, Rodrigo Tiexiera, Sian Fairbank, Russell Taylor, Warwick Teague, Tom Clarnett, Kathy Bicknell
29 Ice burns: The association and trends of pure methamphetamine production, use and distribution with methamphetamine-related burn-injury in South Australia over the past six years
Dr Nicholas Smith *, Prof. John Greenwood
30 Impact of first-aid on clinical outcome of large burns
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, A/Prof Peter Kennedy, Prof. Peter Maitz
31 Impact of timing of application of Biobrane on outcome in partial-thickness burns
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, Prof Peter Maitz
32 Indirect treatment comparison of antimicrobials in the management of deep partial thickness burns
Leo Nherera, Paul Trueman, Chris Roberts
33 Infantile atopic dermatitis: Considerations for management of paediatric hand burns
Simone West
34 Manufacturing cultured epithelial autografts for treatment of major burns
Michelle Paul*, Dr Shiva Akbarzadeh, Cheng Lo, Andy Ives, Heather Cleland
35 Obtaining epidermal micro grafts using the CelluTome Skin Harvesting System
Dr Constant van Schalkwyk *, Dr Zhe Li, Prof. Peter Maitz
36 Preoperative fasting among burns patients in an acute care setting: A best practice implementation project
Sara Giuliani *, Rochelle Kurmis, Alexa McArthur, A/Prof John Greenwood
37 Promoting coping strategies in paediatric burns patients; an Educational Play Therapy approach
Frances Piccolo*, Jessica Russo
38 Pulse oximeter: Too hot or too tight?
Dr Puvesh Punj *, Linda Quinn, Dr Amy Jeeves, Bernard Carney, Dr Michelle Lodge, Anthony Sparnon
39 Quality burn care: The art and science of including the children and young people as service users
Sue Collier
40 Repeated skin grafting in eyelid burns; indication, timing and outcomes
Dr Lachlan Farmer *, Dr Nicholas Smith, Dr Saul Rajak, A/Prof John Greenwood
41 Reproducibility and clinical utility of the 3D stereophotogrammetric (SPG) system for measuring scar height in adults
Dr Zephanie Tyack *, Dr Megan Simons, Prof. Roy Kimble, Prof. Michael Muller, Kason Leung
42 Reproducibility of the BT12 Venue 40 MSK ultrasound (GE Healthcare) using scar and normal skin sites in children and adolescents with burn scars
Dr Megan Simons *, Emma Gee Kee, Dr Zephanie Tyack
43 Return to school post burn injury: What are the barriers and enablers?
Loren West , Prof. Fiona Wood, Prof. Jeannine Millsteed, Tania McWilliams, Dr Sarah McGarry*
44 Review of TBSA estimation accuracy over the past three decades in NSW
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, A/Prof. Peter Kennedy, Prof. Peter Maitz
45 Risk of contact burns relative to ambient and surface temperatures
Thomas Clifton, Teng-Wei Khoo, Alice Andrawos, Sumana Thomson, John E Greenwood*
46 Scar massage for hypertrophic burns scarring – a systematic review
Phillipa Ault , Anita Plaza*, Jenny Paratz*
47 Severe burns due to biofuel heater injury: A case series
Dr Alicia Heald *, A/Prof Michael Muller
48 Severe right ankle eversion contracture – a lesson from East Timor
Dr Nicholas Smith *, Yugesh Caplash
49 Should Biobrane be used for primary treatment of all partial thickness burns?
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, Prof. Peter Maitz
50 Takotsubo cardiomyopathy in a case of minor burns
Dr Sadhishaan Sreedharan *, Dr Nicholas Linklater, Rebecca Schrale, Andrew Castley
51 Techniques of application of Biobrane outside theatre environment
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi *, Prof. Peter Maitz
52 The ‘Betadine Test’ – a simple clinical adjunct to differentiate deep burns requiring excision from those with the potential to heal spontaneously
Dr Nicholas Smith *, Prof. John Greenwood
53 The effects of gender and adiposity on inflammatory cytokine response to burn injury
Storm Holwill *, Ms Healther Cleland, Mr Cheng Lo
54 The fractionating of form and function – a case study exploring the challenges of comprehensive facial reconstruction
Dr Michael Rooke *, Prof. John Greenwood, Marcus Wagstaff
55 The impact of critical care neuropathy on hand grip strength in the burn population – a systematic review
Andrea McKittrick
56 The success of the integrated adult burn survivor education & support forum
Jackie Rowlands
57 Therapy in paediatric burns – the cost of quality burn care
Claire Toose *, Stephanie Wicks, Cheri Templeton, Elizabeth Anderson, A/Prof John Harvey
58 What is the efficacy of school re-entry programs following burn injury? A review of the literature
Loren West *, Prof. Jeannine Millsteed, Dr Sarah McGarry
59 WIN (Weighing In on Nutrition)
Rachel Wnek, Kati Monk, Melissa Neely*, Alice Parsonson, Sara Martindale
60 Wound management of a chemical burn in a Neonate
Deborah Maze*, James Marceau