ASM Provisional Program

This program is provisional will be updated as planning proceeds, so please check this page regularly.

Saturday 17 October 2015
EMSB Course | Royal Children’s Hospital


Sunday 18 October 2015
Instructor’s Course | Royal Children’s Hospital


Monday 19 October 2015
0900-1700 Education Committee Meeting







Tuesday 20 October 2015
0800-1300 ANZBA Board Meeting | M1/M2
0900-1000 Registration open for Scientific Forum only | Promenade Foyer West
Scientific Forum | M9 & M10 | Bookings essential
1000-1230 Overview of cell therapies (including those that could impact on burn care) and the ‘bench to bedside’ journey hurdles
1000-1100 Cellular therapies – Current status and what’s on (and over) the horizon 
John E.J. Rasko AO, BSc (Med) MBBS (Hons) PhD FFSc (RCPA) FRCPA FRACP, FAHMS
Professor, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program, Centenary Institute, Head of Department, Cell & Molecular Therapies
1100-1145 Tissue substitutes and emergency preparedness: Ringside observations concerning USA preparations for burn mass casualties and the intersection with biotechnology
James C. Jeng MD FACS
Director of Wound Care Mount Sinai Medical System Manhattan, New York City
1145-1230 How to make your own synthetic dermis and get it to the market
John Greenwood AM, BSc(Hons), MBChB, MD, DHIthSc, FRCS(Eng), FRCS(Plast), FRACS Director, Adult Burn Service, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Director, Skin Engineering Laboratory, Hanson Institute.
1200-1800 Registration open for the ASM | Promenade Foyer West
1230-1300 Lunch
1300-1600 Clinical investigators: Laboratory work and clinical trials in burn related cell derived therapies and dermal substitutes
1300-1345 Regulation of autologous cell and tissue therapies in Australia
Ieva Ozolins, Medical Officer, Biological Science, Scientific Evaluation Branch, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Department of Health, Australia
1345-1400 Discussion
1400-1530 Clinical and experimental work with tissue engineered skin substitutes: Strategies, pitfalls and outcomes
Western Australia Burn Service – Fiona Wood
NSW Severe Burn Injury Service – Peter Maitz / Zhe Li
Royal Adelaide Hospital Adult Burns Service – John Greenwood
Victorian Adult Burns Service – Heather Cleland / Shiva Akbarzadeh
1530-1600 A collagen-elastin matrix: Histological changes in burned patients. A prospective study of 10 patients
Eric Dantzer (FR)
1600 Scientific Forum concludes
1200-1800 ASM Registration | Promenade Foyer West
Combined Allied Health & Nursing Forum | M5/M6 | Bookings Essential
1300-1415 Nutrition and the burns patient
Rochelle KurmisThe BRANZ Quality Indicators – Panel Discussion
1415-1445 Afternoon Tea
Allied Health Forum | M5/M6Bookings essential Nursing Forum | M7/M8Bookings Essential
1430-1515 Laser 
Dr Liz WhartonChair: Nicole Alexander
1445-1455 Burns care coordinator – a move in the right direction
Alison Hill
1455-1510 Nursing response to the Ravenshoe disaster
Kay Wright
1515-1530 Break 1510-1525 Emergency Management of Severe Burn (EMSB) course for the nurses of Bangladesh – scope and lesson learnt
Dr Animesh Biswas
1530-1615 Rehab
Dr Dale EdgarChair: Nadine Sexton
1525-1535 Development of an online burn education module for burns nurses
Sheila Kavanagh
1535-1545 Burns theatre nursing
Miranda Pye, Concorde
1545-1555 Nursing perspectives on nutritional care of the burn patient
Ashlea Ladd, VABS
1555-1605 Transitioning patients from hospital to home
Rachel Charlton, VABS
1605-1615 Pain pain, go away… A multimodal and multidisciplinary approach to managing the pain and anxiety associated with burns dressing changes in the paediatric population treated as outpatients at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Madeline Jacques, Westmead at Childrens

Allied Health Meeting – Group Discussion

Chair: Dale Edgar



Case scenario
Natalia Adanichkin, Mel Pacquola, Deb Murray
1645-1650 Wrap up and evaluation
Yvonne Singer
1700-1900 ASM Welcome Reception | River Room
1900 Exhibition Build overnight
Wednesday 21 October 2015
0600 Exhibitor Bump In commences
0730-1700 Registration | Promenade Foyer
0730 Speaker’s Preparation Room | M4
ASM Welcome | Promenade Room | Chairs: Russell Taylor & Yvonne Singer
0830-0850 Welcome to Country – Aunty Carolyn Briggs
Opening Address – Fiona Wood & Russell Taylor
Platinum Sponsor Address – Judy Haviland, Smith & Nephew
0850-0915 Invited Speaker: Professor James Jeng
A “Master Class” on the team concept in burn care (Murray Clarke)
0915-0945 Invited Speaker: Professor Palmer Bessey
ANZBA and ABA at Middle Age:  Where do we go from here?
0945-1005 Ravenshoe café explosion: A North Queensland health review
James McDougall
1005-1015 Quality self care: The art and science of building your own trauma resilience
Martha Druery
1015-1025 Association of therapy time with contracture development and quality of life outcomes after burn injury
Anita Plaza*, Madonna Puglisi, Amber Jones, Brooke Hoskin, Prof. Michael Muller, Dr Michael Rudd
1025-1035 Send in the Clown Doctors! The work of Clown Doctors in a Paediatric Burns Unit
David Symons, Artistic Director, The Humour Foundation
1035-1100 Morning Tea | Exhibition Area
Themed Session: Outcome | Promenade Room | Chairs: Dale Edgar & Nicole Alexander
1100-1120 ‘Keeping it real’ – What the outcomes literature means for your patient.
Martha Druery
1120-1130 Mortality in the burns survivor – Further follow up and intervention is required.
Dr Jennifer Paratz*, Dr Kellie Stockton, Prof. Michael Muller, Dr John Younger
1130-1140 Long-term mortality following burn injury: A population-based study of adults 45 years and older
A/Prof. Janine Duke, A/Prof. James Boyd, Prof. Suzanne Rea*, Sean Randall, Prof. Fiona Wood
1140-1150 Risk factors for traumatic stress in young children and parents following paediatric burn injury
Dr Alexandra De Young*, Prof. Justin Kenardy, Dr Vanessa Cobham, Prof. Roy Kimble
1150-1200 What is important when measuring health-related quality of life in patients with burn scars: Patient perspectives
Dr Megan Simons*, Nathaniel Price, Dr Zephanie Tyack
1200-1210 What happens to the children of NSW following a burn injury?
Nadin Azzam*, Dr Ju-Lee Oei, Dr Barbara Bajuk, Dr Lisa Hilder, Dr Mohammad Abdel-Latif, Dr Ian Wright, Prof. Andrew Holland
1210-1220 Outcomes of hand burns in severely burnt patients – A review of 27 patients at the Victorian Adult Burns Service.
Dr George Pratt*, Cheng Lo, Dr Namal Munasinghe, Andy Ives, Heather Cleland
1220-1320 Lunch | Exhibition Area
Themed Session: Wounds and Wound Healing | Promenade Room | Chairs: Russell Taylor & Hana Menezes
1320-1350 Invited Speaker: Professor Warren L. Garner
Why wounds heal, why they don’t
1350-1400 The interaction between neurons and skin cells in vitro
Margit Kempf*, Prof. Roy Kimble, Dr Leila Cuttle
1400-1410 Monocyte profile in hypertrophic scar development following paediatric burn injury
Dr Sasi Suda*, Dr Helen Williams, Dr Heather Medbury, Prof. Andrew Holland
1410-1420 Negative pressure wound therapy on acute paediatric burns
Kristen Storey*, Dr Kellie Stockton, Emily McPike, Prof. Roy Kimble
1420-1430 Diabetes mellitus in foot burns
Dr Albert Kim*, Dr Richard Atkinson, Dr Jack Zoumaras, Dr John Vandervord
1430-1440 Epidemiology of paediatric burn injuries, and Kandang Kerbau Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s (KKH) experience with Mepilex Ag
Dr Hui Ling Foo*, Dr Savitha Ramachandran, Dr Gale Lim Jue Shuang, Dr Yong Chen Por
1440-1450 Biobrane™ versus Acticoat™ in the treatment of mid-dermal paediatric burns: a prospective randomised controlled pilot study
Dr Ela Hyland*, Dr Rachel D’Cruz, Dr Seema Menon, A/Prof. John Harvey, Dr Erik La Hei, Dr Torey Lawrence, Kelly Waddell, Mitchell Nash, Prof. Andrew Holland
1450-1520 Afternoon Tea | Exhibition Area
Nursing Executive Meeting | M1 & M2
Themed Session: Surgical Reconstruction| Promenade Room | Chairs: Heather Cleland & Sian Fairbank
1520-1550 Invited Speaker: Professor Warren Garner
A personal approach to burn reconstruction
1550-1610 Invited Speaker: Professor John Greenwood
Reconstruction: The Greenwood way
1610-1630 Invited Speaker: Professor Roy Kimble
Reconstruction of paediatric burn injuries
1630-1640 An evaluation of Emergency Management of Severe Burn (EMSB) Course in Bangladesh: A strategic direction
Dr Animesh Biswas*, Dr Saidur Rahman Mashreky, Dr Kamran ul Baset, Dr Jahangir Hossain, Dr Fazlur Rahman
1640-1650 Dementia: A risk factor for burns in the elderly
Dr Lara Harvey*, A/Prof. Rebecca Mitchell, Prof. Henry Brodaty, Prof Brian Draper, Prof. Jacqueline Close
Poster Presentations
1650-1700 Carbon dioxide laser treatment for hypertrophic burns scarring: Pilot RCT results from the Western Australia Burns Service
A/Prof Suzanne Rea*, Karl-Anton Harms, Dr Alexandra Murray, Dr Mark Fear, W/Prof. Fiona Wood
GLOW Study: Longitudinal methodology to assess contributors to outcomes after burns
Sonia Terhaag*, Dr Heather Cleland, Dr Birgit Pfitzer, Lynda Katona, Dr Steven Ellen, Dr Andrea Phelps, Dr Meaghan O’Dinnell
Delayed double layer Integra successful in bridging healing between split skin graft and calvarium
Dr Cheryl Ou Yong*, Dr Aruna Wijewardena, Andrea McKittrick, Dr Jeon Cha, Dr John Vandervord
Preoperative fasting among burns patients in an acute care setting: a best practice implementation project
Sara Giuliani *, Rochelle Kurmis, Alexa McArthur, A/Prof John Greenwood
Obtaining epidermal micro grafts using the CelluTome Skin Harvesting System
Dr Constant van Schalkwyk *, Dr Zhe Li, Prof. Peter Maitz
1700-1800 ANZBA AGM
Thursday 22 October 2015

Sponsored Breakfast | River Room (numbers limited, book during registration)

Invited Speaker: Professor James Jeng
Debridement of the burn wound and partitioning by tensile strength–an integrated ‘method to the madness’ of burn surgery 
There is a difference in tensile strength of live versus dead necrotic dermis and only one debridement tool can segregate tissue based on tensile strength.

Invited Speaker: Dr Andrea Issler-Fisher
Nanocrystalline Silver for burn wound management

0730-1700 Registration | Promenade Foyer
0730 Speaker’s Preparation Room | M4
Themed Session: Skin substitution and surgery | Promenade Room | Chairs: Richard Wong She & Warren L. Garner
0830-0900 Invited Speaker: Professor John Greenwood
Do skin grafts have a place in the 21st Century?
0900-0910 Epidermal and collagen_elastin dermal equivalent in a one single step for 77 acute and post burn hands surgery.
Dr Eric Dantzer
0910-0920 One single surgical step surgical procedure with dermal equivalent for acute and post burn reconstructive surgery long term results about 125 patients
Dr Eric Dantzer
0920-0930 Case series describing the use of Pelnac® in acute full thickness wound closure
Dr Winy Widjaja*, Prof. Peter Maitz
0930-0940 Revolutionizing major burns management with single stage onlay micrograft
Prof. KC Tan*, Dr Yo Kok, Dr Si Jack Chong, A/Prof. BK Tan
0940-0950 Effective use of Biobrane as a temporary wound dressing prior to definitive split-skin graft in the treatment of severe burn injury
Dr Hannah Tan*, Jason Wasiak, Eldho Paul, Heather Cleland
0950-1020 Morning Tea | Exhibition Area
Themed Session: Registry Science & Quality | Promenade Room | Chairs: Anne Darton & Palmer Bessey
1020-1050 Invited Speaker: Professor John McNeil
The value of measuring variance in burn practice?
1050-1120 Invited Speaker: Ms Margaret Banks
ACSQHC – National standards and their implication to burn care
1120-1140 Invited Speaker: Ms Heather Cleland
BRANZ – what is the data telling us?
1140-1200 Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ) adult long term outcomes pilot study 
Prof. Belinda Gabbe
1200-1230 Invited Speaker: Professor Palmer Bessey
The American Burn Association BQIP: A brave beginning
1230-1245 ANZBA’s burn quality improvement program
Yvonne Singer*, Heather Cleland
1245-1255 Burn care in the Philippines – gaps and bridges
Jose Joven V. Cruz
1255-1305 The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Burns Centre Database: The preliminary update
An Qi Angie Chew*, Dr Yee Onn Kik, Samuel Lau, Mathew Tan, Dr Si Jack Chong
1305-1400 Lunch | Exhibition Area
BRANZ reference & steering committee meetings | M1 & M2
Themed Session: Psychosocial
Promenade Room 1 | Chair: Sonia Terhaag & Martha Druery
Themed Session: Physical Therapy
Promenade Room 2/3 | Chairs: Jane Elliot & Nadine Sexton
1400-1410 Evaluation of screening questionnaires for identifying traumatic stress reactions in young injured children
Dr Alexandra De Young*, Prof. Justin Kenardy, Dr Vanessa Cobham, Prof. Roy Kimble
Measuring neuroplastic changes after acute burn: Laterality recognition
A/Prof Dale W. Edgar*, Michael Phillips, Amanda Robertson, Lisa Zorzi, W/Prof. Fiona Wood, A/Prof Ben Wand
1410-1420 Social anxiety and barriers to interpersonal connection after severe burn injury
Lisa Martin*, A/Prof. Michelle Byrne, Dr Sarah McGarry, Prof. Suzanne Rea, W/Prof Fiona Wood
Is Xbox Kinect based rehabilitation a feasible adjunct for burns rehabilitation: A pilot RCT 
Kimberly Voon*, Ilan Silberstein*, Aditya Eranki, W/Prof. Fiona Wood, Dr Dale Edgar
1420-1430 Psychosocial interventions post paediatric burn injury: A systematic review
Dr Sarah McGarry*, Dr Tiffany Grisbrook, Dr Elizabeth Wharton, W/Prof. Fiona Wood
Physical activity levels in acute burn patients: A pilot observational study
A/Prof. Dale W. Edgar*, Adriane Chan*, Paul gittins, W/Prof. Fiona Wood
1430-1440 Adaptation of a psychosocial screening tool for paediatric burns patients
Dr Anne Gannoni*, Linda Quinn, Karla Matousek, Dr Anthony Sparnon
Outcomes of orofacial contracture management following full thickness facial burns
Nicola Clayton*, Prof. Elizabeth Ward, Prof. Peter Maitz
1440-1450 Trauma App – Burn management at clinician’s fingertips
Anne Darton*, Benjamin Hall, Siobhan Connolly, Christine Lassen, Dr Oran Rigby
The feasibility of using a novel electrical stimulation device for painful hand burns.
Katrina Liddiard*, W/Prof. Fiona Wood, Dr Janet Richmond
1450-1500 Burns care: A critical appraisal of systematic review quality over time
Dr Jared Campbell*, Sheila Kavanagh, Rochelle Kurmis, Dr Zachary Munn
Early ambulation in acute burn: A prospective audit
Paul Gittings*, Gemma Tomlinson, Dale Edwick, Pippa Kenworthy, W/Prof. Fiona Wood, Dr Dale Edgar
1500-1530 Afternoon Tea | Exhibition Area
Themed Session: Infectious Diseases | Promenade Room | Chairs: Jason Maclure & Mel Pacquola
1530-1600 Invited Speaker: Dr Alex Padiglioni
What constitutes a quality burn unit from an Infectious Diseases point of view?
1600-1610 “ESKAPE” in scald burns: what about stenotrophomonas maltophilia?
Dr Puvesh Punj*, Dr Romain Briest, Linda Quinn, Dr Amy Jeeves, Bernard Carney, Dr Michelle Lodge, Anthony Sparnon
1610-1620 Microbiological trends in patients with burns: An 8-year perspective
Dr Chengde Pham*, Dr Daniel Foley, Dr Heather Cleland, A/Prof. Allen Cheng, Dr Alex Padiglione, Prof. Anton Peleg
1620-1630 The epidemiology of primary microbial colonisers of acute burn wounds: A retrospective review
Dr Hye-Sung Park*, Dr Chengde Pham, Heather Cleland
Panel | Promenade Room | Chair: Heather Cleland
1630-1700 Panel discussion on use of antibiotics – includes case scenarios | Chair: Heather Cleland
Alex Padiglioni, John Greenwood, Roy Kimble, Warren Garner, Palmer Bessey, Suzanne Rea
Friday 23 October 2015
0730-1700 Registration | Promenade Foyer
0730 Speaker’s Preparation Room | M4
Themed Session: Human Factors | Promenade Room | Chairs: Yvonne Singer & Paul Baker
0830-0900 Invited Speaker: Professor Warren L. Garner
How modern cognitive science should influence/change how we approach decision making in patient care
0900-0930 Invited Speaker: Dr Stuart Marshall
Checklists and culture – How can moon walking and human factors improve burn care? Human factors and safety management
0930-1000 Invited Speaker: Professor James Jeng
“The Happy Medium”–A natural law and how it Applies to the gut-wrenching changes in burn and general healthcare
1000-1030 Invited Speaker: Mr Bill O’Shea
Quality – Error and the law
1030-1100 Invited Speaker: Professor Mark Fitzgerald
Trauma resuscitation errors and computer assisted decision support
1100-1130 Morning Tea | Exhibition Area
Themed Session: Scar Management & Laser | Promenade Room | Chair: Jeremy Rawlins & John Harvey
1130-1150 Invited Speaker: Associate Professor Suzanne Rea
Co2 laser
1150-1210 Invited Speaker: Dr Andrea Issler-Fisher
Ablative fractional CO2 laser for the treatment of severe burns scars: An interim-analysis of a prospective Australian treatment cohort
1210-1220 Clinical assessment of facial scarring – Using current literature and research to inform tool choice
Angela Thynne*, Dr Megan SImons, Dr Zephanie Tyack, Prof. Michael Muller
1220-1230 Scar outcome of children with partial thickness burns: A 3 and 6 month follow up
Emma Gee Kee*, Prof. Roy Kimble, Dr Leila Cuttle, Dr Kellie Stockton
1230-1240 Measuring the impact of burn scarring on health-related quality of life: Development and content validation of the Brisbane Burn Scar Impact Profile (BBSIP) for children, young people and adults.
Dr Zephanie Tyack*, Prof. Jenny Siviani, Anita Plaza, Prof. Roy Kimble, Amber Jones, Leila Cuttle, Dr Megan Simons
Poster Presentations
1240-1250 Wound management of a chemical burn in a Neonate
Deborah Maze*, James Marceau
Bathroom scald burns in Queensland children
Dr Hobia Gole *, Dr Kellie Stockton, Prof. Roy Kimble
A technique to monitor interventions for swelling in minor burns: A pilot study.
Pippa Kenworthy *, Dr Tiffany Grisbrook, Paul Gittings, W/Prof Fiona Wood, Dr Will Gibson, Dr Dale Edgar
Severe burns due to biofuel heater injury: A case series
Dr Alicia Heald *, A/Prof Michael Muller
Burn prevention – a partnership model between New Zealand and Tahiti
Deborah Murray*, Jackie Beaumont
1250-1340 Lunch | Exhibition Area
Themed Session: Early & critical care | Promenade Room | Chairs: Andy Ives & Mel Pacquola
1340-1350 Water first aid is beneficial in humans with burn injuries: Evidence from a Bi-National cohort study
Michael Phillips*, A/Prof. Dale W. Edgar, Dr Tom Jovic, Dr John T. Cassidy, Prof. Peter A. Cameron, W/Prof. Fiona Wood
1350-1400 The effect of Acticoat dressings on Bioimpedance Spectroscopy measurements when monitoring fluid status in burns patients: An update.
Dr Tiffany Grisbrook*, Pippa Kenworthy, Michael Phillips, W/Prof. Fiona Wood, Dr Dale Edgar
1400-1410 7-year review of pre-hospital intubation for adult burns in Victoria 
Paul Baker*, Heather Cleland, Andrew Ives, Yvonne Singer
1410-1420 Impact of hypothermia on the care outcome of burns patients
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi*, A/Prof. Peter Kennedy, Prof. Peter Maitz
1420-1430 The efficacy and safety of adrenergic blockade post burn injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Orlando Flores*, Dr Kellie Stockton, Dr Jason Roberts, Dr Michael Muller, Dr Jennifer Paratz
1430-1440 The use of bronchoscopy in evaluating clinical outcomes of inhalation injuries in the intensive care unit
Myat Thant Aung*, Daniel Garner, Melinda Pacquola, samara Rosenbulm, Heather Cleland, David Pilcher
1440-1450 7-year review of Air Ambulance transfers to the Victorian Adult Burn Service
Paul Baker*, Heather Cleland, Andrew Ives, Yvonne Singer
1450-1500 Enteral resuscitation of burn shock: A quantitative review 
Yvonne Singer, Prof. George Kramer*, Prof. Jong Lee, Dr Leopoldo Cancio, Dr Michael Kinskyr, Dr Stephan Milner, Dr David Herndon
1500-1530 Afternoon Tea | Exhibition Area
Themed Session: Paediatric | Promenade Room | Chairs: Warwick Teague & Kathy Bicknell
1530-1600 Keynote Speaker: Professor Roy Kimble
Lessons learnt in setting up and applying pragmatic clinical trials in paediatric burns management
1600-1610 An assessment of early post-injury Child Life Therapy in pain and anxiety management for paediatric burns: A prospective randomised controlled trial
Dr Ela Hyland*, Dr Rachel D’Cruz, A/Prof John Harvey, Jordyn Moir, Christina Parkinson, Prof. Andrew Holland
1610-1620 Identification of at risk children and families in Paediatric burns.
Connie Montagner*, Anna Lucia
1620-1630 Demographic characteristics and outcomes of paediatric burns at a large referral centre in Blantyre, Malawi.
Dr Wone Banda*, Devor Kumiponjera, Dr Amanda Gosman
1630-1640 10-year review of paediatric hand burns
Paul Baker*, Sian Fairbank, Rodrigo Tiexiera, Russell Taylor, Tom Clarnett, Warwick Teague, Kathy Bicknell
1640-1650 Chem-Lab accident: A review of burn injuries at school    
Dr Puvesh Punj*, Linda Quinn, Amy Jeeves, Bernard Carney, Michelle Lodge, Anthony Sparnon
1650-1700 Close and handover to 2016
1900 – 2400 ASM Dinner