Managing burns in a low resource hospital setting: experiences from Fiji, and the first Pacific Islands Novasorb BTM trial

Scott Buadromo



Dr Vuetavou Scott Buadromo is a Principal Medical Officer (General Surgery) at the Labasa Hospital in Fiji, where he is currently undertaking his specialist training in Plastic Surgery. He completed his Masters of Surgery at the Fiji National University in 2022, and has undertaken formal attachments with Interplast and other visiting surgical teams a number of times over the past several years, as well as participating in various plastic surgical skills workshops both in Fiji and overseas. Dr Buadromo recently completed the EMSB training and is set to become a Fijian EMSB Instructor in coming months. Dr Buadromo was the Fijian surgical lead in the recent trial of PolyNovo BTM in Fiji – the first time for use of this product in the Pacific Islands to address burns injury. In addition to his clinical role based in Labasa, Dr Buadromo has undertaken outreach visits as part of Fiji Emergency Management Team (FEMAT), COVID-19 response teams and post Cyclone relief teams.