“Little Bump” a story of hope and resilience

Rebecca Schrale1, Emma Baker 1,
1Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


“Little Bump” by Emma Baker is a special book with a sensitive portrayal of the Burns Survivors journey from admission to the Burns Unit through to leaving and returning home. The story portrays a magical place full of hope and acceptance through Emma’s words and the beautiful illustrations by Alisa Walton. I hope that this book will be shared with children and adults and will provide the community with greater understanding of the strength and resilience of Burns Survivors.
Bec Schrale

Emma’s Story- How it all began:
It all started in 2021 when I met a very special patient who was bright and cheerful and full of character even when he was having a challenging day. The patient had suffered from significant burns, so I was ever so careful with pushing the bed. As I wheeled him into the lift, I warned “little bump!” in fear the little jolt may cause some pain. Instead, the patient had a smile and told me, “That could be a book, you know.”
“Oh, yeah, about what?” I asked.
“About a little orderly and a patient who have all sorts of fun adventures in the hospital.”
Turns out they were right.
The hope of the author is that this book will bring a smile and be a comfort to the reader. In support of the work health workers do to change so many lives, all profits from this book will go to the Burns Unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital, a team who provides so much care for those in need.


Emma is a fun loving Mum of three energetic and handsome young boys. With a heart for others Emma works in the Health Department of Tasmania and spends her days caring for patients and supporting staff as an orderly, but has dreams of becoming a nurse.
Becoming a Mum at a young age has taught her that life is full of challenges, and through this she has found faith, attitude and a supportive network are crucial for facing each day with its big and little bumps.